Sending time-critical messages is easy using the Emarsys API external event endpoints.



If you need to send a personalized message instantly to a contact, triggered by an interaction on their side or an event on your side, use the Emarsys API. Examples of such emails include:

Triggered by the recipient

  • Password reset requests
  • Registration confirmation
  • Purchase confirmation

Triggered by you

  • System notifications (e.g. unusual account activity)
  • Account updates

Creating a time-critical message

First of all, take a moment to consider whether your message really is time-critical. Will your brand or your business suffer if the message is not delivered within a few seconds?

If the answer is No, you might want to consider some of the alternative methods for creating triggered messages that Emarsys offers. If the answer is Yes, then you can create the message in three easy steps.

  • Step 1 – Create the external event, either in your Emarsys account or using the API External Event endpoints.

  • Step 2 – Implement this external event at the touchpoint that will trigger the message.

  • Step 3 – Create your message in the channel that you want to use and set the external event as the source.

    • For email, select Generated through an event as the Recipient source and then select the external event as the trigger.
    • For SMS and Mobile Engage, select Using an Automation Center program as the Recipient source, create an Automation Center program which uses the External event entry point, select the trigger event there and follow it up with either a Send SMS node or a Mobile Engage Push Message node.


Email performance

Emarsys has a dedicated infrastructure for time-critical emails so you need to tell us which campaigns are important for you and we will treat them accordingly.

These emails have some restrictions to ensure optimal performance:

  • No more than 5 personalization parameters from the contact database.
  • A total email size of under 50KB, including the JSON object if you are using one (see below).
  • No more than 20 sections, without section targeting, for template-based emails.

Emails triggered in this way can expect an average delivery time of under 5 seconds and a volume up to 100,000 messages per day.

Personalizing content

You can personalize triggered message with up to five variables from the contact database fields, as described above. To do this, simply use one of our personalization options to add placeholders to the content that will be filled by the values you retrieve from the database.

However, there is often no need to identify the contact in the database and you can capture all the relevant information at the touchpoint and include this in a JSON object in the same API call as the message trigger.


Alternative methods

SMS and Mobile Engage push notifications can only be triggered using the Emarsys API. However, you can set up email campaigns that you or your customers can trigger in a variety of other ways. See: Alternative Methods for Triggered Messages.