Campaigns menu -> Email Campaigns -> Section Editor -> Testing

Once you have created the content you can now start to do some testing to ensure that it will be displayed as intended, and finally schedule the campaign once it is ready. Emarsys offers the following testing utilities:

Testing emails

Full Email Preview

Since the email preview in the content editor is a live preview, it is generated locally. This means it has no access to the contact database. Therefore, dynamic content such as personalization variables or conditional text will not display, and some template elements may also be incompletely rendered. In order to see how the final email will really look, it is necessary to generate a full preview. Here you can see the HTML, text and mobile versions of the final result.

Inbox Preview

On this page, you can test an email campaign to see how it will be displayed in the inboxes of the most popular email and webmail clients.

If tests have already been run for an email campaign, the thumbnails of the most recent test are displayed. You can display the thumbnails from previous tests by selecting the test in the drop-down box. If no test has been run, you see a series of dummy thumbnails. For more details, see the Inbox Preview page on this site.

Send Testmail

Prior to launching an email campaign, we recommend sending a test email. These test emails are not recorded as part of the launch and no contact responses (opens, clicks etc.) are displayed in the Email Analysis. Scheduling, launch list or A/B version tests are not affected by testmails.

To send a testmail, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a Mail type using the dropdown, choosing from:

    • Full Campaign Email – This can be sent to an existing Emarsys contact list or segment, or to manually-entered email addresses. It shows full personalization and conditional text (including section targeting).
      Note: If you enter an email address manually that is not in your Emarsys database, this contact will be created before the testmail is sent.
    • Text and HTML Emails – this will send one copy of each type of email to an address that you must enter manually. There will be no personalization of content.
  2. Enter a Subject line.
  3. Choose the Recipient source using the dropdown.
  4. Click Send to send the test.

Note: A test email cannot be sent to more than 50 recipients, so if the selected contact list or segment contains more than 50 recipients, the test email is sent only to the first 50.

A/B Testing

Once you are ready with your email, you may still want to do some response testing with different versions of content. For this you should create A/B testing versions.