Once the RSS feeds and recurring email campaigns have been set up, there is very little for the end user to do. RSS emails are listed as recurring emails in the Email Campaigns list, and each child email is named using the following convention:


RSS Emails

Examples of RSS Child Campaigns as seen in the Emarsys Application

Using this naming convention ensures that each child campaign has its own entry in the email list and in the Reports & Analysis page, which allows you to easily identify and analyze each RSS instance once it has been sent.

Creating the Child campaign

In the Scheduling dialog of the Emarsys CMS you can define when the child campaign will be created. This can be set to days, hours or minutes before the launch, but must of course be scheduled after the RSS feed has been processed. This delay can be used to preview the content and make any changes if necessary.

Error Alerts

The RSS feature also comes with an alert function that can be enabled for each email campaign. This takes advantage of the built-in error handling to notify you in case anything has prevented the campaign from running correctly. In the Scheduling dialog, simply add the email address(es) for each campaign where you want the alerts to be sent (there will often already be an address from Emarsys Technical Services, please do not delete this).