Admin -> Reply Management -> Inbox

The Inbox tab displays a list of reply emails which were sent to Emarsys.

Filter reply list

The list can be filtered using the following criteria:

  • Go to Email and select a specific email to view the corresponding reply emails.
  • Go to Category and select a reply email category.
  • Go to Mailboxes and specify a mailbox.
  • Go to Time range and select a start and end date; the list displays only reply emails which were received within this period.

The Email recipient column of the list contains the email addresses of your recipients; as a rule, the From column displays the same email address. If these email addresses are not identical, the sender of the reply mail has used a different email account (a different email address, an alias) for his/her message. In addition, the list has columns for the subject line of your email, the reply email category and the date when the reply email was sent.

To view detailed information on a specific reply email, tick the corresponding check box and click Show message.

To access the contact profile associated with an email address in the list, tick the corresponding check box and click Edit contact profile.