Admin menu -> Reply Management

To set up a dedicated domain for reply management, proceed as follows:

  1. Register a domain or create a subdomain.

    Attention: Domains/subdomains which were already set up for the display of trackable links in the Emarsys application and changed to Emarsys per C-Name entry, cannot be used.

  2. Have your provider or network administrator show you the MX record of the domain or subdomain for Emarsys. The name server entry for the MX record must be changed.

    • If you make the entry in an administration menu interface, enter as a target in the MX entry of the favoured domain or subdomain. All other settings can remain unchanged.
    • If you make the entry via an admin console, enter the following in the zonefile of the domain/subdomain:

    IN                MX                10   

  3. Please provide Emarsys Support with the domain/subdomain name used, so that we can activate the domain/subdomain for your account.