What is Mobile Sense?

Mobile Sense allows you to optimize your email content when it is opened on a mobile device. You can prepare different content versions and Mobile Sense will recognize the screen resolution of the device when the email is opened and selects the correct version to display.

Why is it so special?

Customers behave very differently when responding on a mobile device. Mobile users have considerably less screen real-estate to work with compared to a desktop, and fewer options. Therefore they typically spend far less time reading mail content; they will usually stop reading after reaching the first call to action.

Mobile Sense lets you bring the most important conversion objective of your campaign into focus and then present it in the most attractive format to a reader on the move. With Mobile Sense you don’t need to track which of your contacts use mobile devices and segment accordingly, you simply launch a single campaign and know that it will show the right content in the right context.

How does Mobile Sense work?

Mobile Sense automatically optimizes content for mobile devices by using responsive HTML, which contains a Media Query that identifies the device display mode and selects the appropriate content version.

Optimized content includes the use of bigger font sizes, converting links to buttons, hiding or converting side and navigation bars, increasing line spacing and padding, and a change in text alignment tailored to the device it is opened on. In addition, the design and style of HTML content can be completely changed by Media Query as it adapts the content for nearly every device type, and can be used to change the appearance of fonts, images, links, etc…

For Mobile Sense to work the email template must be optimized by the Emarsys Web Development team and, once this has been done, a number of new features appear in the Emarsys CMS. You will be able to selectively hide or show individual sections and section groups in the mobile version of an email, or hide images on the mobile device. When you preview an email, you can see the dedicated mobile version in addition to the HTML and text version previews.

Please note: For the Media Query to work the mail client on the device needs to support responsive code. If the viewport size cannot be determined, the client will show the desktop client by default. For more details on how this works, see: Mobile Sense – Supported Clients.