Campaigns menu -> Email Campaigns -> Content Creation tab.

With the Inbox Preview, you can see how your email campaign will be displayed in the inboxes of the most popular email and webmail clients directly where you edit your campaign.

This feature is an add-on which must be enabled for you; if you are interested in it, please contact Emarsys Support.

What is new in the Inbox Preview?

Until now, tests had to be run for an email campaign to see the inbox preview in a separate step. The new inbox preview is part of the Content Creation step, which makes it more handy and results in a more transparent content creation process. You can find it in your HTML campaign under the Content Creation step if you click inbox-preview-icon.

Why should I be using this feature?

First of all, you can make multiple selections from a list of the most modern email clients, and we also increased the number of available clients. Web-based clients (e.g. AOL Mail, Outlook,Gmail), mobile/tablet clients (e.g. Android 4.4, iPhone 6), and desktop clients (e.g. Apple Mail 8, Lotus Notes 8.5) are also available under Add/Remove Clients. You can also check how your email campaign looks like in different browsers, e.g. in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Android, IOS, OS X, and Windows 7. You can choose this with the help of switchers.


Moreover, the emails can be displayed with or without images for all clients for your convenience. You must turn the following switcher off on the top:


Please note that it is recommended to choose no more than 5-6 email clients at a time for optimal performance, so focus on the most relevant clients of your target audience.

The five default clients are:


If you click Generate Preview(s), you can see the email client screenshots.


You can switch between the email clients by clicking client-switcher-buttons. This new inbox preview provides all the information you need about your email campaign so you can be confident that you are giving your customers the best experience.

What about performance?

Not only is this version more user-friendly, it is also super speedy. For developing the new inbox preview, we used the most up-to-date technological solution. Previews have traditionally taken several minutes to generate. From now on, the email clients themselves are triggered to send a screenshot of the email campaign when you request an inbox preview. The image is displayed for you within no more than 3-11 seconds, depending on the properties of the selected email client.

Here you can watch a short video on the Inbox Preview: