What is Inbox Preview?

The Inbox Preview feature shows you how your email campaigns will be displayed in the inboxes of the most popular desktop, web and mobile email clients. It is available in the Content Creation step of the email content editor when you click this icon:


This feature uses an external technology partner and generates screenshots triggered by the email clients themselves, showing you exactly what the recipient will see. You can be confident that you are giving your customers the best experience, without having to send multiple testmails to different test accounts.


The screenshots are generated within a few seconds, depending on the properties of the selected email client.

Here you can watch a short video on the Inbox Preview:

How do I get Inbox Preview?

This feature is a paid add-on which must be enabled for you; if you are interested in it, please contact Emarsys Support.

Adding and removing clients

This feature comes with five common email clients already selected.


Change your selection by clicking Add/Remove Clients and selecting from the list. The clients are listed by type and most are also offered in the context of more than one operating system, giving you a wide range of options.


For performance reasons we recommend not to have more than five or six clients selected at the same time. You can use the Mobile reporting and Deliverability Reporting features to learn more about the distribution of clients in your contact database.

Generating the previews

When you have made your selection, the clients are displayed on the right. You can see which ones already have previews by the thumbnails.


Click Generate All Previews to update the entire list, or select one client to generate a single preview.


When your previews are ready, you can switch between email client images by clicking client-switcher-buttons.

Showing and hiding images

The emails can be displayed with or without images for all clients via the switch at the top:


Please note that you need to generate separate previews for images shown or hidden.