Here we explain some of the features in Emarsys that are not so well known to all users. These may include advanced features available on demand, or safety checks that only appear when we need to warn you of a potential error.

‘Counted’ Sections

This is a safety feature which ensures that no contacts can receive an email which contains no meaningful content. It does this by checking that every contact in the launch list is eligible to see at least one section that has been marked as counted for sending.

The counted sections are defined in the Emarsys template, and are typically those section groups which contain the core message of the email (i.e. not the header or footer). Every template must have at least one such group.

With this feature, you can highly personalize your emails and target different segments within the same launch list with tailored content. If a recipient fails to qualify for this content, they are excluded from the launch and listed in the Results Summary under No content.

If no contacts at all qualify for this content, for example if you have selected the wrong launch list or made a mistake in the segment criteria, the entire launch will be stopped and you will be notified.