Campaigns menu -> Email Campaigns -> Email Basics

As well as defining campaign-level settings, you can also define certain preferences for the email content. These will apply only to the email content itself and, if you are using multiple versions, only to the open version. In this way you can test different subject lines, headers, etc. In the Email Basics pane you have the following information and controls:

Email Basics

Sender information

Here you specify the sender information your recipients will see. Proceed as follows:

  • Enter a From (name), e.g. your name or the company name.
  • Enter a From (email address). This is obligatory information,  for the following reasons:

    • Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do not forward emails lacking a reply mail address
    • Some subscribers might want to write a response email instead of using our additional features.

    Note: Emarsys can handle reply emails according to your needs. To enable this feature, you must first create the reply mail address in the Reply Management page and then select it here using the last icon.

  • Enter a Subject line. The text you enter here is displayed in the Subject column of a recipient’s email program.

  • Enter an Email header. In the Email header field you can enter an email headline (e.g. My Company Newsletter | Issue October 2012). Even if the HTML version of your template does not have a headline (e.g. because you use a picture with an integrated header instead) we recommend you add an email header; it will be useful in the text version of the email. All of the above content can be personalized as well as subjected to conditional text. For more information, see Personalization and Conditional Text.

Additional Features

Here you can choose from a list of additional features to include in the email, as well as enable the Social Network sharing feature.

Once you have finished with your preferences you can click Sections to open the section pane and start to add content.