Channels menu -> Email Campaigns

The Email Campaigns page displays all the email campaigns created with Emarsys.

Filter existing emails

To view only a certain type of emails, you can filter the list. Initially only the Filter free-text search box and the Email category are visible. Email categories can be created as required in the Email Settings section, and they appear in the drop-down list here afterwards.

Email campaigns filter

For advanced search options, click More filters to show the following:

  • Emails – Select All to display all emails in the system; this is the default setting. Select Mine to display only emails which were created by you.
  • Status – The status of an email is defined by a) it being active or inactive (i.e. deleted), and b) its current lifecycle phase. From the first drop-down box, select Current (last 200) or All to display your active emails (the first option will refresh the list faster). Select Deleted to display all emails which have been deleted (for information on how to restore deleted emails, see below). From the second drop-down menu, select a lifecycle phase.

    Note: If your account has a large number of active campaigns, you may want to select the current (last 200) option to improve the speed with which the page loads.

  • Language – Select a language to display only emails which were created with a certain language setting.
  • Show child emails – Activate this check box to display both emails and their child emails.

    Note: A child email is derived from an existing email. Both on-event and recurring emails can have child emails.

  • Save settings – Activate this check box to save your settings for later use.

View existing emails

Emails are listed with their Email name, Recipient Source, i.e. which recipient source/contact list they used, and their Status. The user who created the email is listed under Admin. You can also view the Template used as well as the date they were Created and last Changed.

Email campaigns overview

Emails can be sorted by clicking the respective column title.

The icons on the right of each row take you straight to the Automation Center program, if the email is being used in one, as well as let you edit, copy, preview, or delete the email.


Note: Only the user who created an email can delete or edit it.

View and restore deleted emails

When you click the delete icon, emails are not fully deleted, but moved to a different folder internally. If the deleted email has already been launched, very little changes for its recipients; the only differences are that additional features are no longer live, and that deleted emails are not listed in the Email Analysis.

To view a list of deleted emails, select Deleted from the Status drop-down list.

To restore a deleted email, click icon_restore. If you restore emails which were not launched before deletion, their status will be the same as before. If a launched email is restored (i.e. an email which was launched and deleted before all emails were sent), its status changes to Paused.

Create email

You can also create emails and email campaigns using the following options:

  • Copy an existing email – Click copy-icon next to an email to create a copy and open the CMS interface.
  • Create a custom HTML email – Click this button to create an email based on your own HTML code. You will first be taken to the the General Settings page where you can enter the email properties before proceeding to the content editor.
  • Create a template-based email – Click this button to create an email based on an Emarsys template.