Campaigns menu -> Email Campaigns -> Section Editor -> Settings

This is where you configure the global settings of your email campaign. There are a number of mandatory and optional settings to define.

Campaign Settings

In the Settings pane you can:

  • Name your email campaign.
  • Select the language of the automatic texts used in additional features such as tell-a-friend or unsubscribe, as well as forms and database fields used for personalization.
  • Select the Link domain you want this campaign to use.

    Note: this feature is not visible unless enabled for your account.

  • Select the template to use. You can change the template of an email after creation. Emarsys will try to reassign all sections to an appropriate section group automatically, but if no such group exists in the new template you will have to open each unassigned section separately (they are located at the top of the section editor above the first group) and assign it to the correct group, otherwise the content will not be correctly displayed.

    Note: if you have copied an existing template-based campaign then you cannot change this.

  • Define an email category either by choosing from an existing category using the dropdown, or entering a new category name in the field below. Assigning a category is helpful when you want to segment your contacts by their responses to similar campaigns (e.g. ‘Holiday Specials’). It is also useful to assign a unique category to recurring emails for the same reason, since the behavior targeting filters will only check the most recent launch if an email is selected. By selecting a category instead, you can be sure to filter for all responses to all launches of a recurring campaign.
  • Optional: enable text only emails using the checkbox.
  • Choose the Recipient source using the drop-down.
  • For certain campaign types you can define whether this is a one-time or a recurring email in the Frequency drop-down.
  • If the Frequency Cap has been activated in your account, you can select whether this email ignores it or not. Please remember that even though transactional emails do not count in the frequency cap, when the cap is reached (i.e. by other types of emails), no emails will be delivered at all. To this end, we recommend using the Ignore frequency cap option with all the transactional emails you want to be delivered. For more information, see our description of the Frequency cap.
  • There are also a number of optional features which may be enabled for your account:
    • CC – you can send a copy of your email to a specific contact list. The responses from this list will not be counted in the email analysis.
    • Exclude contacts from this email. If you select a contact list or segment to exclude, then all those contacts will be removed from the email launch list before sending.
      Please Note: This feature is only available for ad hoc emails sent to segments and lists. It is not available for any emails used by Automation Center program.
    • BCC –  This feature is restricted to three email addresses, which must all belong to the main sender domain configured for your account.

Click here for an overview of the available email types.

Additional tracking parameters

If you are using an external tracking tool, you can enter the parameters required by that tool in this field. They will then be appended to all the trackable links in this email campaign. For example, if you are using Google Analytics, you might enter:


Note: This field is only visible if you have asked Emarsys Support to enable it. You can also ask for these parameters to be defined on an account level, in which case they will be added automatically to every link in every email. For more information please refer to the page Emarsys Link Tracking for External Analytics.

Once you have defined the campaign settings you can then proceed to define the email preferences.