Admin menu -> Email Archive

In the Emarsys application, an email archive is defined as a custom list of emails. You can create any number of email archives; they come as a link which you can embed in your website or other emails. For email archiving, each account in the application has a designated dummy contact assigned, which will automatically be addressed in the archived email ("Dear Mr Jon Doe"). This guarantees the protection of your customer data. Email archives can be set up with three different kinds of links:

  • Via link to an individual email (such as the latest edition only).
  • Via auto-archive (see below).
  • Via RSS feed.


This function generates a link which adds the email to an existing group of emails (e.g. all newsletters sent this year).

On the Overview page you can link to archived emails or create customized summaries.

View archived emails

The list displays all emails which were created in the Emarsys application; it has the following elements:

  • URL
    Clicking here displays the link to an email; it can be copied and embedded in your website or in another email.
  • Campaign
    This displays the email name. Click an entry to view detailed information on the email. Click edit-icon if you want to archive the email under a different name.
  • Sent to / upon
    Here you can see if the recipient source for the email was a segment/list or a registration form.
  • Status
    The status of the email; options: In Design, Ready to Launch, Tested, Launched, Not Launched.
  • Language
    The language of the email.
  • Sent
    The send date. To adapt it, click the calendar icon.
  • Auto-archive
    Click this option to generate a link which adds the email to an existing group of email (e.g. all newsletters sent this year)

The emails in the list can be filtered for their Archive status, their general Status, and their language. The default archive status of all emails is deactivated.

Create email archive

To create an archive (i.e. a list of emails), proceed as follows:

  1. In the list, go to the Auto-archive column and activate all emails you want to include in the archive.
  2. In the Settings section of the page, you define your archive in more detail: Select all emails to include all emails. Select all emails sent to a list or segment to include emails which use either a filter or a segment as their recipient source. Alternatively, you can include only emails belonging to a specific newsletter.
  3. Select an email language.
  4. For Design, keep the Default option, which lists all selected emails. For other options to be available, you need an archive template; contact your Account Manager for more information.
  5. Click Create Archive to generate the corresponding link.
  6. The Auto-archive links section displays the link you have just created, as well as the link to the latest email in the archive. With the RSS feed option you can feed your email archive using your own archive template (PHP or ASP).