The degree to which an email can be modified after it has been launched depends on the type of campaign that uses it. Below are some general guidelines on what you can change for each type.

Notes: Even the smallest changes to the content of an email can have an effect on its impact and the responses it generates. You should bear this in mind when considering the long-term reporting and analysis of such emails.


Email Campaigns

Ad-hoc/batch campaigns

You can still change an ad hoc email if it has been scheduled, by simply unscheduling it. Once it has been launched, however, you cannot change any part of these emails or their campaign settings.

Recurring campaigns

Since recurring campaigns create a new child campaign for every launch you can change any part of their email content or their settings without affecting past launches. There is no need to pause or deactivate the campaign; the modified content will be sent with the next launch.

On-event campaigns

You can modify any part of the content of an on-event email, but it must first be deactivated. Please note that modification depends on which content editor you are using, and it may not be possible in each and every case.


Important: No emails will be sent while it is deactivated, nor will they be queued. This means that all incoming trigger events during this time will be discarded. Once you have made your changes and activated the email again, the new content will be sent with the next trigger event.

Furthermore, changing trackable links in an on-event campaign will also change the links in the emails that have already been launched. If you want to change the trackable links, it is recommended to copy the email and modify the copy, so that your past responses remain accurate.

Automation Center programs

When an email is associated with a program, the program entry point determines how much of the email content can be modified after launch. See also editing launched programs for details of how much the program settings and nodes can be changed.

Programs that cannot be modified

Emails that are used by program starting with the following entry points cannot be modified after launch.

Name Nodes
Form ac-on-program-event-form
Data change ac-on-program-event-data-change
New contact ac-on-program-event-new-contact
External event ac-on-program-event-external-event
Abandoned cart ac-on-program-event-cart
Batch emails ac-on-program-event-batch

Programs that can be modified

Emails that are used by program starting with the following entry points can be modified after launch. There is no need to pause the program to make the changes; your changes will be included in the next launched emails immediately after they have been saved.

Name Nodes
Recurring batch email ac-on-program-event-recurring-batch
Anniversary ac-on-program-event-anniversary