Ordering Custom Landing Pages

When ordering a custom landing page, such as an unsubscribe page or a preference centre, please make sure to follow the guidelines below when preparing your requirement. This will ensure that the Emarsys Custom Integrations team can implement your design in the shortest possible time and will not have to get back to you for more information.

General specifications

  • All information relating to the request must be submitted as a single .JPEG file (i.e. a snapshot). Use spacers to separate information from the visualization wherever possible.
  • Buttons, self-designed input fields and custom configured headlines (everything beyond the system fonts) must be sliced and submitted separately as .PNG files.
  • All text content must be provided separately in a text file.
  • The information for IT must clearly stand out against the basic layout (see the example below).

Detailed specifications

  • All fonts, font colors and font sizes must be specified (system fonts).
  • When defining colors, hexcodes must be specified: #RRGGBB (color areas, fonts, frames).
  • Use system elements as form elements where possible.
  • Please try to provide a sensibly laid-out grid to enable easier programming.
  • The expected behavior for all possible scenarios must be accounted for (e.g. error page, mouse-over effects, JavaScript events, etc.).

Example of a good landing page request