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Creating Versions

With A/B Testing you can test the content, layout or subject line of your emails by creating different versions and sending them to small percentages of the launch list. You can then decide for yourself which version is the more effective, or schedule the final launch to pick a version automatically, based on the best click rate, open rate or other e-commerce conversion criteria.

When you have a campaign ready for testing, open it in the editor and create versions for A/B Testing by clicking Versions in the upper right corner.

Creating versions

The Create new based on Version A option appears, which means that when you create a version, the original email is always version A and the master version. Version A cannot be deleted. When clicking this, you will be presented with the option to create Version B. After confirming the name of the campaign version, the new version B will be opened for editing.

Editing Version B

You can use the Versions button to switch between versions.

With each version you can make adjustments (e.g. to the subject line), which will be tested against each other. Click Email Basics to access the pane where you can make the necessary modifications.

Email settings Version B

When you are finished, you can move on to scheduling the launch of your campaign. To send out a test version of your campaign to a given percentage of contacts, make sure you have selected Version A, then go to Scheduling, Launch type. Select Send test email. Here you can enter the percentage of the launch list you would like to involve in testing Version A.

Email testing versions

You can set the timing of the launch similarly to normal campaign launches.

After this repeat the Scheduling with the required settings, but this time with Version B selected.

There is no limit to the number of versions you can create and test but you cannot send tests to more than 90% of the launch list.

Email testing versions

Note: Even though you select 10% of the launch list in both cases, the system ensures that it is different 10% that the email is sent out to.

It takes about an hour for the system to track results of the tests. After this you can repeat the process for the third time, but in this case select Final mailing.

In the Select version to send section, you can choose Manually, and select the most successful version yourself, or Automatically, based on the following test results:, in which case you select a success criterion and the system will send the winning version automatically. The available criteria are:

  • best mail open rate
  • best unique click rate

Note: Automatic version selection becomes available one hour after the test emails have been sent out. This ensures there is enough time for tracking.

To finish the version testing process, launch the campaign.

Note: This feature is not available for on-event and recurring emails. To test these mails you should use the A/B Splitter node in the Automation Center.