Admin menu -> Bounce Management -> General Settings

Soft Bounces

On the General Settings page, you define the threshold value which determines after how many soft bounces an email address is to be set to invalid.

The following rules apply:

  • If an email was sent successfully to an email address which had produced bounces before, the counter is set back to zero.
  • Email addresses which were inactive before you increased the counter (e.g. from "after two" to "after three"), remain inactive.
  • If you have adjusted the counter the other way round (e.g. from "after three" to "after two"), email addresses which were bounced twice in a row are marked as invalid. For our example, email addresses which had been bounced twice in a row before the counter was lowered become invalid immediately after the change.

Reset Soft Bounces

If an email address is flagged as invalid because it has reached the limit for soft bounces, you can automatically reset the status after a defined delay using the drop-down menu.

Important: This can have a significant effect on your deliverability and reputation, and is limited to twice per email address. After this, the status will permanently be set to invalid.

You cannot reset the bounce status manually or in batches. If you believe that genuine contact email addresses are being unjustly set to invalid due to excessive soft bounces, please contact Emarsys Support. Our Deliverability team can analyze the bounces for you and, if necessary, rest the email addresses to valid.