Admin menu -> Bounce Management

The Overview tab displays a list of the email addresses which have been bounced.

Filter bounce list

The list can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • Select a Status option to show the bounce results for either all, inactive or active email addresses which produced bounces.
  • Select a Bounce type option to display either soft bounces, hard bounces or block bounces.
  • Select an Email option to view the bounce results for a particular email or all emails.

    In the Bounce list, inactive email addresses are marked with an x, while those addresses which produced bounces, but have not yet been deactivated, are marked with a ?.

Remove contacts

To remove a contact from the database, click Delete contact.

View error report

Click Detailed view to display a detailed error report for the selected address. You see the date and time of dispatch, the sender and the original subject of the bounced email, and the reason why it could not be delivered. The report also contains the Bounce body, i.e. the error message issued by the server identifying the error (either the recipient’s mail server or one of the Emarsys mail servers).

If you want to export the bounces (e.g. to correct the email addresses), click Save as list.