Admin menu -> Reply Management

In the Reply Management module, you can define how your system will organize and react to reply mails from your recipients. All incoming reply mails are categorized and processed/forwarded as defined by you. This way, IMPORTANT reply mails will not get lost among the bulk of out of office emails (automatic responses in case of vacation/illness).

All reply mails go to the Reply mail Inbox.

Attention: For Reply Management to work properly, at least one reply email address must be set up.

Reply email categories

For each reply email address, all emails are subdivided into six categories:

  • Unsubscribe
    These reply emails were sent by contacts as a means to unsubscribe (instead of clicking the unsubscribe button). They need to be acted upon, since any further emails from your side might be reported as spam.

  • Change-profile
    These are automated or manual reply emails that indicate that the contact has changed jobs or the company domain has changed. They are crucial for updating contact data and keeping email addresses valid.

  • Challenge Response
    These reply emails constitute an anti-spam technique (US only) which sends emails only after senders have authenticated (by clicking a link or sending an email with content that cannot be generated automatically). This way some companies/providers try to avoid (automatically generated) emails from mass email senders. If  an email inbox server was configured for challenge response, it sends an email to the reply email address of your email; the potential recipient, who wants to receive your emails, does not receive any.

  • Contact us
    These reply emails indicate that a recipient wants to get in touch with you. They are triggered by clicking the Reply button in the email.

  • Out of Office
    These are out-of-office reply emails.

  • Unknown
    These reply emails could not be categorized. Emarsys improves the categorization rules on a constant basis, so that there will be fewer and fewer reply mails assigned to this category.