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In the Emarsys application you can create and launch different types of email campaigns:

You can also take advantage of:

Ad hoc email campaigns

Ad hoc campaigns are batch type campaigns, which means that one email campaign is sent to many recipients. This happens at a fixed time and only once. They can be launched immediately or scheduled for a future date. The content of these campaigns is usually standard for all contacts, but Emarsys offers a number of features to tailor this, including personalization, conditional text and section targeting.

Recurring email campaigns

Recurring campaigns are also batch campaigns, which are set up to launch at the same time at regular intervals. Content can be added manually or automatically via RSS feeds. A child campaign is generated 30 minutes before launch to let you check the content and make any last-minute alterations.

Note: Recurring campaigns must be set up in cooperation with Emarsys Support. Please contact us for more information.

On-event emails

On-event emails are triggered by recipient action. The following on-event emails can be triggered:

  • On registration – The email is sent after a recipient registered via a form of your choice. Example: an email confirming registration.
  • On birthday – The email launch is linked to the “date of birth” field in the contact database. The system looks for available date-of-birth entries and sends “on birthday” emails as appropriate.
  • On tell-a-friend – The email is sent after a designated email has been forwarded via the Emarsys tell-a-friend page; addressee is the forwarding contact.
    Important note: Due to ever more stringent data protection legislation, the use of this feature might be inadmissible and might trigger legal proceedings in some countries. Please obtain legal advice in your country before activating this feature. Emarsys does not take any responsibility for the legality of usage of this feature in your country.
  • On change profile – The email launch is linked to a change in a contact profile and sent to the contact after they made the change.
  • On contact us – The email launch is linked to a contact-us form and sent to a contact after they have submitted the form.
  • On date – The email is sent on a specific date. Once a date field has been created, you can select it from the drop-down box.
  • On abandon shopping cart – The email launch is linked to a session in a web shop which has been started via another email. If a customer opens a shopping cart and fails to make a purchase, a reminder email can be sent. You can choose between sessions that have been accessed via a particular email or by any email in a category.
  • On import – The email is sent after an import has been performed. Example: You want to send a welcome or confirmation email to contacts who registered for your newsletter from outside Emarsys (i.e. an offline campaign, your own database).
    Note: To trigger an email you must enter the import identifier from an Auto-Import on the Settings page of the campaign. This identifier will then be available for selection on the Import page and the email will launch as soon as that Auto-import is complete.
  • On program event – These emails are part of Automation Center programs and can only be launched by the program.
  • On external event – These emails are used as part of an external integration. Please contact your account manager for details of Emarsys Connect, the module for integrating with third-party applications.

All on-event emails can be sent a defined number of days after the event has occurred or, in the case of date-based campaigns, a defined number of days before.

On date (including on-birthday) emails are sent each day at the same time in the account default time zone. This setting is not affected by changes to the time zone in the Administrator properties page.

Additional features

The following features are available via the Additional features section in the Content Creation page:

  • Tell-a-friend

Via Tell-a-friend, your recipients can forward your email to others.

When you tick Tell-a-friend, a link or button (depending on the template) is made available in your email; by clicking it, the recipient opens a pop-up window where they can enter the name and email address of one or more persons. The name and email address of the forwarding contact are filled in automatically.

The tell-a-friend page is presented in the language which has been set in the Email Settings. The forwarded email will contain a short automated opening text, as well as the first and last name of the forwarding contact and the name of the forwarded email.

  • Unsubscribe

In order to allow recipients to unsubscribe from your mailings, tick Insert unsubscribe link. A link/button is inserted which guides the contact to the appropriate page.

  • Change profile

With this feature, contacts can update their personal data. Tick Change profile. A link/button is inserted which guides contacts either to the default Change profile page or a customized form which you previously created in the Forms module.

  • Contact Us

Via the Contact button/link recipients can give feedback. Tick Contact/Feedback and select one of the available Contact Us forms (which were previously created in the Forms module).

  • Share with a network

See: About Social Networks.

Mobile Sense

A growing number of recipients read their emails on mobile devices. With Emarsys, you can now create one email that is optimized to be read on both a desktop and a mobile device. For more information, see the Mobile Sense page.

Note: The availability of this feature depends on the scope of your edition of Emarsys.

The major part of this optimization for mobile devices is done automatically by the system and involves, among other things: the use of a bigger font size, the conversion of links to buttons, hiding side bar and navigation bar, an increase in line spacing and padding, and a change in text alignment. Most importantly, Emarsys features a mechanism which automatically optimizes the email to the individual screen width.

Additionally, you can decide to hide or show individual sections and section groups in the mobile version of an email, upload separate images for desktop and mobile versions or decide to hide images on the mobile device. When you preview an email, you can display not only the HTML and text version, but also the dedicated mobile version.