Emarsys offers an advanced and intuitive content management system (CMS) which, when used in conjunction with email templates, offers a quick and reliable way to create complex and sophisticated email campaigns with little effort.

The email templates are built to your specifications by the Emarsys Web Development team and can easily be filled with content, either manually or automatically via RSS feed, and launched. You can also create email campaigns based on your own HTML code.

For more information on different email types, see About Emails.

Working with Emails

The Email Campaigns module helps you to create, design and manage your email campaigns. On the Email Campaigns overview page, you can:

Template-based Emails

In the Emarsys CMS you can:

Custom HTML Emails

If you use your own HTML code, the campaign creation is largely the same as for template-based emails, with the exception of the content editor.

Supported languages

Emarsys supports a number of languages for email campaigns. This determines the language of aditional content such as Contact us forms or the Unsubscribe landing page. for a full list of supported languages, see:

Additional Features

For all email campaign types you can also:

Best Practices for Content

And here we have provided a number of articles with tips and advice on how to create your email so that it will not fall foul of any deliverability standards.