The Dashboard is the default home page for the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud. It consists of a number of widgets that provide you with easy visual overviews of the status of your account and the performance of your e-commerce marketing strategies.


As well as showing the latest figures, it also indicates if the figures for the current time period are better or worse than those for the previous period. For all charts, you can hover your mouse cursor over any point to see the exact figures for that day.

The following widgets are currently available:

For all customers

For Predict customers only

For Smart Insight customers only

You can arrange the widgets as you like by dragging and dropping them around the page. Where relevant, the widgets have a time range selector in the top right corner. If there is no data for the selected time range, it will automatically adjust to the next range up for which data is available.


Each one also links through to a more detailed reporting page via the links in the bottom right corner.

How can we improve this?

We’d like to keep building on the Dashboard and include more and better metrics to keep you right on top of your marketing activities, so if you think of a way that we can improve it, please send us your ideas via the feedback form in the top right corner of each widget: