Once you have connected to your Google account and created your audience you are ready to create your Google Ads campaigns.

The instructions below provide an overview of the creation process. Please note that the campaign creation process is quite flexible in Google and this is not meant to be a comprehensive guide. You should familiarize yourself with the Google documentation for AdWords.


Creating the campaign

  • First, log into your Google Ad Words account, making sure that you are logging in with the correct account (the one that you used to connect to Google previously).


  • To see the audiences you have created with Emarsys, click Shared Library, Audiences.


  • To create a campaign for Gmail or YouTube, click All campaigns, Campaigns and select Display Network Only.


  • In the Campaign Settings, select No marketing objective and All features. We also recommend to select All countries and territories since the Emarsys segments are usually highly targeted and you do not want to reduce the size of the audience further.


  • In the next step you can either create an ad group for your campaign, or skip this step and create the ad group later. Please note that it is recommended to create separate ad groups for Gmail and YouTube campaigns for reporting purposes. If you do create the ad group now, you should select Interests & remarketing.


  • This will open the Targeting page, where you filter for Customer email lists and select the audience that you have created through CRM Ads.


Make sure to set the targeting as shown above for each ad group that you want to target.

  • The next step is to create the ads themselves. We advise not to follow the wizard for this step but instead to open the campaign from the All campaigns menu. When the campaign is open, click the Ad group you want and then +AD, Ad gallery.


Conversion tracking is important since it enables CRM Ads to report revenue and conversions from the campaigns in the B2C Marketing Cloud.

Once the campaign, ad group and ads are all enabled, and the audience has been selected in the Targeting page, the campaign is effectively launched. The status of the audience will now be changed to Live in Emarsys.

Editing live campaigns

Once a campaign has been launched, you can edit the content and settings in Google. For example, if you see that it is not performing as expected, you might want to alter your bidding strategy or reduce the reach.

In Emarsys, you cannot change the campaign settings but you can influence which contacts are in the audience.

  • For Segment audiences you can change the criteria of the segment that the audience is based on. These changes will be pushed to the audience immediately and will not wait for the daily synchronization.
  • For Lookalike audiences you can change the criteria of the segment that the audience is based on. These changes will affect the composition of the Lookalike audience the next time that Google refreshes it.
  • For Automation Center audiences you can pause the program and make changes to the paths and criteria that will lead to contacts entering or leaving the audience.
    Note: Be careful when editing programs to ensure that you do not leave contacts in the audience indefinitely.

Campaign reporting

After launching your campaign in Google, the status of the audience it uses will be changed to Live in Emarsys.


Click reporting-icon next to an audience to view the campaign reporting.


Here you can track your campaign objectives. You can select multiple Ad-Groups as well as define the timeframe you wish to analyze.