Once you have connected to your Facebook account and created your audience you are ready to create your Facebook Ads campaigns.

The instructions below will guide you through the creation process. Please note that power users may be able to perform some of the steps using the Power editor or other such optimization tools.


Creating the campaign

  • First, log into your Facebook Business manager/Ad account, making sure that you are logging in with the same account that you used when creating the initial connection to Facebook.


  • Here you can see all the audiences you have created with Emarsys. Click Create Ad to create the Ads campaign.


  • Choose your objective and click Continue. The most common objective, especially for people who are new to Facebook Ads, is to drive website conversions.


  • Now you define the campaign settings.


In the Conversion Event section, you must choose a Facebook Conversion Event / Conversion Pixel. If you do not yet have one, click the Learn more link for an explanation on how to set it up.

Note: It is very important to select a Facebook pixel, as this is what enables CRM Ads to report revenue and conversions from the campaign inside the B2CMC (see below).

In the Audience section, choose your audience form the Custom Audiences drop-down. In Facebook your CRM Ads audiences are described as Customer Lists. You can then define additional segmentation options from Facebook’s own data, such as Locations, Age, Gender and Languages. Please note that Emarsys can already create highly targeted segments for you, so you should use these options carefully (e.g. for larger, more generic segments) so as to avoid reducing the audience size and effectiveness.

  • The next step is to create the ad itself. Here you can define the ad content, select where it will be displayed and preview these locations.


  • When you are finished, click Place Order to launch the Ad campaign.

Editing live campaigns

Once a campaign has been launched, you can edit the content and settings in the Facebook Ads Manager. For example, if you see that it is not performing as expected, you might want to alter your bidding strategy or reduce the reach.

In Emarsys, you cannot change the campaign settings, you can only influence which contacts are in the audience.

  • For Segment audiences you can change the criteria of the segment that the audience is based on. These changes will be pushed to the audience immediately and will not wait for the daily synchronization.
  • For Lookalike audiences you can change the criteria of the segment that the audience is based on. These changes will affect the composition of the Lookalike audience the next time that Facebook refreshes it.
  • For Automation Center audiences you can pause the program and make changes to the paths and criteria that will lead to contacts entering or leaving the audience.
    Note: Be careful when editing programs to ensure that you do not leave contacts in the audience indefinitely.

Campaign reporting

After launching your campaign in Facebook, the status of the audience will be changed to Live in Emarsys.


Click reporting-icon next to an audience to view the campaign reporting.


Here you can track your campaign objectives. You can select multiple Ad-Sets as well as define the timeframe over which you wish to analyze the results.

Remember: For your Facebook campaigns to have meaningful data you will have to have the Facebook conversion pixel properly set up.