Preparing your Facebook Ads account

CRM Ads connects to the assets that you have already created in Facebook, and this requires a certain amount of preparation in Facebook before you start.

  • A Facebook Ads account is a pre-requisite for using CRM Ads to advertise and collect new leads on Facebook. If you do not already have an account, you can read more on setting one up and managing your budget in the Facebook documentation.
  • Make sure the account name and business name of the ads accountare descriptive, (these can be edited in your Facebook Ads account information page, otherwise the numeric Account ID will be used when adding the Facebook Ad Account in Emarsys.
  • If you want to display ads on the Facebook News Feed, you will need a fan page. You can read more on creating pages in the Facebook documentation.
  • If you plan to use Lead Ads, you should also prepare your lead capture forms on these pages.
  • Finally, your key Facebook profile (see below) must agree to the Facebook Custom Audience Terms before you can activate an audience.

Note: A Facebook Business Manager account is not a prerequisite for CRM Ads. However, most of our customers do use one as it helps manage user permissions across multiple accoutns and assets.

Choosing your key Facebook profile

Regardless of who actually logs in to Facebook to manage your Ads account, or who logs in to Emarsys to define your audiences, you will need a Facebook profile to connect each Facebook Ads account to Emarsys (if you have more than one Facebook Ads account you can use the same Facebook profile to connect all of them, or use a different one for each account).

It is important to note the following:

  • The Facebook profile used to connect the Ads account to Emarsys must have at least Advertiser or Admin permission for that Facebook Ads account and for all the pages linked to it. If this is not the case, the accounts, pages and forms will not be visible to other users in your Emarsys account. See: What permissions are available when giving someone access to my advertising account?
  • If you are using an agency for Facebook advertising, you can either ask them to give your Facebook profile these permissions, or create a user for them in your Emarsys account for them and ask them to make the connection.
  • Facebook recommends using a normal Facebook profile for this rather than creating a new profile specifically for this purpose. Why is this?

Connnecting your Facebook account

Before you start, you might want to watch this short video on how to connect to your Facebook account:

Important: Make sure you have logged out of your private Facebook account and that the profile you are using has agreed to the Facebook Custom Audience Terms.

Then proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Campaigns menu, CRM Ads, and open the Settings tab.


  • Click Create Your Ads Account and select Facebook in the dropdown. A Facebook dialog box will appear. Here you enter the credentials for your key Facebook profile. If you are already logged in to Facebook, that profile will appear instead.


  • After you log in, click Okay to approve the CRM Ads app.


  • Click Okay to let the CRM Ads app manage your Facebook Ads.


  • Now select one Ads account that you wish to use for advertising using CRM Ads.



  • Once you have connected to this account, you can go back and connnect to other Ads accounts, if you have them.

You can now continue to connect your Google account, or start creating your CRM Ads audiences.