What is Google Customer Match?

Google Customer Match allows Emarsys to match your contacts to Google accounts. This ultimately provides targeting capabilities to specific customers that were previously unavailable.

Custom Match is available across three of Google’s largest products:

  • Google Search
  • Gmail
  • YouTube

It is also expected that in 2016 Google will open GCM to its whole ad network. For more information, see: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6379332

Why is it so special?

There are a number of reasons why every Emarsys user who is also active on Google should be interested in CRM Ads:

  • Activate current customers and former customers – Show display/paid Search ads to people you know and automate the process for a perfect customer journey.
  • Keyword expansion – If you are selling Nike shoes, bidding for Nike shoes might not be very effective (since many other businesses bid for it). Now you can individually target (or increase the bid for) your CRM customers who have searched for this and who you know are much more likely to purchase from your brand.
  • Acquire new customers – Run lookalike audiences acquisition campaigns from your best customer segments.
  • Exclude current customers from acquisition campaigns – Running a promotion for new customers only? Exclude your own customers.

How does Google Customer Match work?

Once the campaign is activated, neither you nor Emarsys play any further part in the campaign execution. Google will target the selected audience with the adverts you have created, according to its own algorithms, until your monthly budget limit has been reached or the campaign reaches its end.

Please note that Emarsys has no control over how and when Google displays your ads.