What is CRM Ads?

CRM Ads is an online advertising module that allows you to truly reach any contact online, wherever they are. It allows you to leverage the power of your CRM data within online advertising. For the first time, you can reach contacts who have not yet visited your website, responded to your content or are otherwise unreachable.

  • For more retention – Drive customers to visit your site, and initiate repeat purchases, by creating retention-focused ad campaigns targeting your entire CRM database.
  • For smarter acquisition – Use Facebook forms to capture new leads directly into your Emarsys database, and use lookalike audiences to clone your best customers and start scaling your returns.

What is Lead Ads?

Lead Ads is an integration with Facebook forms that lets you capture new leads directly from Facebook and add them to your Emarsys database.

How does CRM Ads work?

Emarsys CRM Ads is a custom integration between Emarsys and a number of social and advertising networks such as Facebook and Google Ads.

It matches your Emarsys contacts with their profiles on these networks and lets Emarsys create custom audiences for you. These custom audiences are dynamic and, once created, are updated in real time.

In other words, CRM Ads finds your existing customers on the network and allows you to effectively target individuals in real-time via automated and ad-hoc data-driven advertising campaigns.

CRM Ads works in four easy steps:

  • You create your segment in Emarsys.
  • CRM Ads creates a corresponding audience in the target advertising network.
  • You create an ad campaign to that audience in the network.
  • Emarsys pulls the reporting from the ad campaign and displays it in your B2C Marketing Cloud account.

On these pages you can find everything you need to set this feature up and start seeing immediate results.

You create a segment in Emarsys and CRM Ads sends a corresponding list of email addresses (securely) to the network. The network checks these addresses against the addresses used in its own profiles and creates a custom audience from all the contacts who match.

Alternatively, you can create a blank audience which will be filled by the Automation Center by adding contacts to it if they reach that particular node in their journey. The Automation Center can also automatically remove the contacts from that audience after a set period of time or a defined action on their part (e.g. a purchase).

Budgeting as well as campaign management needs to be scheduled directly in your network advertising account directly.

Why should I be using CRM Ads?

Emarsys Ads extends your reach across multiple networks, and goes beyond the inbox.

Your most valuable customers are right at your fingertips, in your CRM database. It is far more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one, but businesses still spend most of their marketing budget on acquiring and converting leads, mostly via display, search and retargeting. This can only become profitable if well balanced with a strong retention strategy, but retention is mostly limited to active and opted-in customers.

CRM Ads are not limited to opt-ins or inboxes; they allow you to drive your message to wherever your customers spend their time online – in other words, the whole Internet. By merging your CRM marketing data to your ad strategy, you can unleash your full CRM database and reach the full potential of your customer base.

And you can still use it to power your acquisition, by cloning your best customers and targeting lookalike audiences that you know will be more receptive to your message.

How easy is it to set up?

Very. All you need is to ask Emarsys Support to activate this feature, then use our interface to connect to your Ads accounts for each network.