Contacts menu -> Combined Segments

You can combine multiple segments together for more accurate targeting of your contact database. The Combined Segments overview page displays all the combined segments you have already created and controls for creating new ones.

You can also combine contact lists together, or a combination of lists and segments.

Creating a combined segment

Click Create New or click Combine this segment on the Segment Details page to open the Create combined segment page.

Under Included segments, you can select which segments or lists to join together, and whether to combine them using AND or OR.


Under Excluded segments, you can select which segments or lists to exclude from the final segment.


Note: If contacts are returned by more than one included segment, they will still only appear once in the final segment.

When all desired segments are selected, click Run to create the new combined segment. When done, click Display Contacts to see details of the segment.


Click Save when you have all your required combined segments created.