Contacts menu -> Segments

You can run filters on all the contacts in your database and create segments that help you define target groups based on their properties (e.g. interests, locations, demographics, etc.) or their behavior (how they react to your emails). These segments can be used for specific targeting in future marketing campaigns, and can also be exported.

Segments are dynamic, meaning they are always generated again before they are used; if you want to keep a segment exactly as it is, you can save it as a contact list.

On the Segments overview page you can do the following:

  • Create and edit segments

    Click Create New or the edit-icon to open the Segment Details page where you can define the filter criteria for the segment.

  • Update segments

    Click refresh-icon to refresh a segment and update the table. Please note that for complex segments this may take some time, but you can navigate away and continue working. A message in the Notification Center will you when the segment has been generated.

    Note: A segment is always updated before it is used by Emarsys, so you do not have to keep updating them yourself. The date when the segment was last generated is shown in the Updated column.

  • Combine segments

    Click combine-segment-icon to open the Combined Segments page. Here you can combine multiple segments together, as well as exclude one segment form another.

  • Copy and delete segments

    Click copy-icon to copy the segment and delete-icon to delete it.