Contacts menu -> Forms -> Source Code

On the Source Code step of the wizard, you find code information which helps you to link the current form to your website. With these code snippets you can:

Display registration forms via a hyperlink

Go to Hyperlink section of the page, copy the link information and place it into the source code of your website.


Via a text link, e.g. "Sign up for our newsletter!", or a dedicated button, you can lead the contact to a registration pop-up window and thus link your website to the registration form you have created.

Tip: You may want to warn your customers that they should allow pop-up windows in their browsers, to ensure that the registration window displays correctly.

Display registration forms when a certain page is loaded

Go to the On load pop-up window section of the page, copy the link information and add it to the <body> tag of the desired page.


When the page is loaded, an automatic pop-up window with the registration form is displayed.

Use a prefill mechanism

Choose the desired method to activate the mechanism:

  • PHP – For web servers supporting PHP. This is the default and recommended method, as it also works with browsers which do not support JavaScript or have it deactivated for security reasons.
  • JavaScript – For web servers supporting HTML only.


For more information, please contact Emarsys Support.

Prefill a static form with customer info from the database

Attach the parameters in the fourth field of the page to prefill a form with contact data available from the database.


For more information, please contact Emarsys support.

Use form source code to design custom registration forms

If you want to use a form with custom layout, use the code specified in the Form Source Code field as a starting point. This code has no formatting; you can integrate it in your page and adapt the layout as desired.


Attention: The code uses the fields of the form you created in the Emarsys application. Any changes to these fields should first be made in the application; then the source code can be added once again to your website.

Use background registration

Use the code from this field if your existing forms are connected to your own database and you want to have the contact information transferred to the Emarsys database as well.


For this, you have to compare the registration variables (name, last name, email) in your existing form with the ones available in your Emarsys account. Fields which do not exist in your account must be created. For more information, please contact Emarsys Support.