Contacts menu > Forms -> Post Registration

On the Post Registration page, you make settings for the page which confirms a registration, and for the email which notifies you about new registrations. The notification email contains information on the new subscriber and a link to their profile.

Confirmation page

Submit button

First, define the text to use for the Submit/Subscribe button. Alternatively, you can upload an image for this button.

If you want to upload an image, click Browse to select the image from your computer or your Media Database. Use the icons to show the image or remove it from the button.

Note: The image file name must not contain spaces, umlauts or other special characters.


You can enter a URL which takes customers to a web page of your choice (e.g. your homepage) after they click the Submit/Subscribe button. If you do not enter a forwarding URL, the registration form window is closed after registration is complete.

Note: The URL must have the format www.xxxxxxx.yyy. The http:// prefix is added automatically by the system.

Alternatively, you can also decide to direct customers to a landing page created by Emarsys. Activate the corresponding option and click Create Landing Page; the Edit Landing Page dialog box opens, where you can make settings for the page. You can set up only one landing page per registration form.

Email Notification

If you want to receive an email after every registration, enter the destination email address in the field provided.

You can include a number of fields from your contact databasae in this email. Simply select the fields in the list on the left and use the arrows to move them to the list on the right.

Then specify the language for this email, which will determine how the selected fields are displayed.