Contacts menu -> Form Settings

On the General settings page you customize forms with regard to their text layout and the images they use, and define the opt-in invitation/opt-out request in more detail. On the General Format tab you do the following:

Format text

You can apply different styles to different sections of the text in the form. For the title, the section header(s) and the section text you can:

  • change the font and the font size
  • use bold formatting
  • align the text to the left or the centre
  • assign a different color to the text and the background
Insert different banners for different forms

You can assign different banners for Tell-a-friend and Unsubscribe forms. If you want to use one image for all forms, keep the Default option selected. Click Upload to add the image to the form. You can also use an image from the Media Database.

To remove an image from the form, click Clear Image.

Note: The width of the image for a Tell-a-friend must not exceed 620 px, that of an Unsubscribe must not exceed 520 px.

Click Preview to display a sample form with your settings.

Opt-in Invitation And Interests tab

Here you define the opt-in invitation/opt-out request (which you activated on the Data Fields page) in more detail. For this, you do the following:

  1. Select a language.
  2. Enter the desired text in the opt-in invitation field.
  3. If required, enter an opt-out text as well. This text is displayed after a contact has clicked the unsubscribe button.
  4. Create the interests. These are displayed together with the opt-in invitation, thus enabling subscribers to tell you what kind of information they are interested in. You can add and delete interests, as well as translate the term yourself; otherwise, it will be translated by the system. Click Overview to see a list of available translations.