If you do not want to create and adapt forms, or do not have enough experience with HTML code, Emarsys can provide you with form templates. Form templates feature a large number of predefined layout and text elements; details such as a form with two columns, the position of images or the embedding of links (e.g. to your Terms & Conditions) can also be considered.

When you work with a form template, the individual pages in the Forms module differ in the following aspects:

  • On the Form – Description page you can select the desired template.
  • The Form Content page provides detailed information on the various sections of the template; a typical template may, for instance, contain the following:
    • a default image
    • a text block (intro text)
    • a default area for inserting an exchangeable image (with fixed dimensions).
    • one block each containing data fields (the fields can, for instance, be distributed among 2 columns)
    • an integrated Send button and fixed links to your privacy policy
  • Forms which are created via template can have multiple pages. When creating a new page, you can use all the available form elements. However, data fields (such as first name, last name) which are already integrated in the form page cannot be used anymore on the following pages. If you want to switch between pages, select a page; to remove the current page, click Delete.
  • To rename a field in the form without changing its name in the database, use the Edit field design option on the Data Fields page. The name you assign is used for the current form only. The position of the field in the form can also be modified.
  • If you want to change how a field looks, go back to the Form Content page and click Advanced. In the extended mode you can format the text as desired. Click Standard to reverse any changes made.