Contacts menu -> Forms -> Description

On the Forms Description page, you define your form in more detail.

Define form properties

Here you define the following properties:

  1. Enter a Form name.
  2. Enter a Form description. This text is optional.
  3. Click To Settings to go to the General Settings page, where you can make various settings for the layout of your form.
  4. Select a Form language.

Using the login feature in forms

The login feature requires contacts to log in before they can submit the form. This feature can be enabled by Emarsys Support. To integrate a login field in your form, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the Use a login page option. The section is expanded.
  2. Select a field from Available fields and click r-arrows to add it to the Login fields.

    Note: You cannot define more than three login fields. When selecting a field please consider that contact data cannot be linked to a contact unless the identification criteria is unique.

  3. Decide how to proceed in case of a failed login. The options are:
    • Always redirect to registration form
    • Redirect to the landing page if all compulsory fields are available
  4. Decide how the contact is to be notified about a failed login:
    • Use system error message
    • Use a custom error page; you must provide a URL
    • Open empty registration form

Once you have saved your changes, the login field will appear in your form.