Contacts menu -> Forms -> Data Fields

On the Data Fields page, you create and arrange the fields in your form. The fields you create are also written to the Emarsys database; this makes all the corresponding information available throughout the system, e.g. for personalization or filtering.

Adding fields

To add an existing field to the form, go to Available fields, select a field on the left and click r-arrows; to remove a field from the form, click l-arrows. Existing custom fields can be edited edit-icon or deleted Ico_delete. System fields cannot be modified.

To create a new field, click create-field; this opens the Field Editor. If you use more than one field in the form, separate them by inserting a Page Break. You can also create Sections in your form. To change the sequence of fields, page breaks and sections, select them in the list and use down-arrow and up-arrow.

Defining mandatory fields

Select a field in the list and click mandatory-field. In the form, the field name is displayed with a red star to indicate that it must be filled in.

Including an opt-in invitation

You can display or hide the opt-in invitation in the form; if you want to offer an opt-in invitation, you can narrow it down to individual newsletters.