Emarsys supports a number of form types, which you can use to capture new registrations, collect data or receive information from contacts. To create or edit forms, go to Contacts > Forms.


A note about form opt-in

Different registration forms set different opt-ins for the contacts who register through them.

  • General Registration forms set a general opt-in for contacts. Should a contact later unsubscribe, they are unsubscribed from all your marketing emails (the field Opt-in is set to FALSE).
  • Newsletter Registration forms set an opt-in only for that Newsletter. Should a contact later unsubscribe, they unsubscribe from that Newsletter only. The field Opt-in is not changed, and they may still be able to receive your marketing emails.

We therefore recommend to use only General Registration forms to create new contacts. Remember that in most countries, contacts must by law be able to opt out from marketing communication. Using Newsletter forms for contact creation could result in a contact mistakenly believing they have opted out from all your messages, and if they later receive another campaign from you, it is likely they will complain.

General Registration form

This type is used to generate a form you can use for any kind of registration. General Registration forms come with an optional login feature (see below) which can identify registered contacts via one or more fields before directing them to a form or web page.

Newsletter Registration form

This type generates a registration form for a newsletter, and contains an opt-in unique to that newsletter. In this way, you can manage your subscription process and differentiate between specific newsletters and more general promotional messages.

Change Profile form

With a Change Profile form, contacts can update their personal data. Emarsys offers a standard form by default but the fields in this form cannot be added, removed or renamed. If you want to include different fields, you can create your own Change Profile form instead and insert that into the email.

Contact Us form

This type is used to generate a form for a contact request. If you decide to create a Contact Us form, the creation wizard is extended with a Recipients page. Here you decide who will receive the contact notification message. Enter their name, email address and responsibility.

On the Data Fields page you can select an opt-in invitation from another form and include it in the Contact Us. On the Source Code page, an individual link is created for every recipient you add. You can copy the link and place it in the source code of your page (e.g. the support page). If a contact clicks the link, they go directly to the form of the designated recipient. In doing this, you avoid having an additional page where the contact must make yet another selection.

Form templates

All form types except Contact Us forms can be created via form templates. To integrate such a form template into your account, you must provide Emarsys with detailed design specifications. For the additional functionalities coming with this feature, see Form Templates. For more information, please contact Emarsys Support.

Login feature

The login feature can be activated on the Forms – Description page; it assists you in the following:

  • You can provide registered contacts with an opportunity to update their profiles via your website. A contact’s login data is unique; as soon as contacts have been identified they can access the actual form and update their data.
  • If your customer data is incomplete (e.g. there are email addresses missing) you can encourage your customers to provide information via offline promotions. By the use of a login form on your website each contact is identified by unique criteria and duplicates are avoided.
  • You can protect sensitive areas on your website. In this case, the login form authorizes a registered contact to enter such an area.