Each Emarsys account comes with a number of predefined system fields in the database. Here you can find a list of these fields, their type and ID, as well as a complete list of the single-choice fields and their respective values. These may be required when setting up automated data transfer between the Emarsys application and another application or web resource.

The ID and the string ID of the system fields are also displayed on the left of the table in the Field Editor.

You can also create your own custom fields from the application interface or via the API. With the API you can also query the list of fields.

Important Note: When using the API to update fields, you cannot update any of the fields marked as read-only in the table below.

Emarsys System Fields and their IDs

Field Name ID Values Type Example Read-only
Interests 0 interests(multichoice) shoes Yes
First Name 1 shorttext Max No
Last Name 2 shorttext Mustermann No
E-Mail 3 longtext Max.Mustermann@mustermann.at No
Date of Birth 4 date(birthdate) 1970-05-26* No
Gender 5 yes singlechoice Male No
Marital Status 6 yes singlechoice Married No
Children 7 yes singlechoice 0 No
Education 8 yes singlechoice Bachelor No
Title 9 yes singlechoice Mr No
Address 10 longtext 12 Straight Street No
City 11 shorttext Hometown No
State 12 shorttext Home State No
ZIP Code 13 numeric(shorttext) 1234 No
Country 14 yes singlechoice Austria No
Phone 15 shorttext +123454445 No
Fax 16 shorttext(fax) +123454446 No
Job Position 17 yes singlechoice Management No
Company 18 longtext Emarsys No
Department 19 yes singlechoice e-commerce No
Industry 20 yes singlechoice Marketing No
Phone (office) 21 shorttext +123454447 No
Fax (office) 22 shorttext(fax) +123454448 No
Number of Employees 23 yes singlechoice 10-49 No
Annual Revenue (in 000 EUR) 24 yes singlechoice 250-499 No
URL 25 URL www.emarsys.com No
Preferred e-mail format 26 yes singlechoice HTML No
Avg. length of visit (minutes) 27 numeric(special) 5 Yes
Page views per day 28 numeric(special) 1,000 Yes
Days since last email sent 29 numeric(special) 30 Yes
Response rate 30 numeric(special) 30% Yes
Opt-in 31 yes singlechoice(special) Using the API: 1 (True), 2 (False) Empty string (NULL) No
Using Forms: y (True), n (False), Empty string (NULL)
Contact source 33 yes singlechoice(special) Manual Yes
Contact form 34 yes singlechoice(special) Newsletter 1 Yes
Registration language 35 yes singlechoice English No
Newsletter 36 multichoice(special) (Newsletter names) Yes
Mobile 37 shorttext +6801111122 No
First Name of Partner 38 shorttext Maria No
Birth date of Partner 39 date(birthdate) 1975-09-01* No
Anniversary 40 date 2001-06-30* No
Company Address 41 longtext 1 Company House No
Zip Code (office) 42 shorttext(numeric) X4567 No
City (office) 43 shorttext Vienna No
State (office) 44 shorttext Vienna No
Country (office) 45 yes singlechoice Austria No
Salutation 46 yes singlechoice Ms. No
Email-valid 47 yes singlechoice(special) Yes Yes
Date of first registration 48 date(special) 2015-05-22* Yes

* The only date format supported by the System fields is YYYY-MM-DD.

The Interests field

The system field Interests is a special multi-choice field which is automatically added to your Emarsys forms. You can use this to collect a standard set of preference information on your new registrations, for example. To create and edit the available options, go to Contacts > Form Settings > Opt-in invitation and interests.


You can also update the Interests of existing contacts either by exporting them and adding the values externally, or by editing the contacts individually.


The language selected for these options is the Form default language that is selected in your Profile page. If you use forms in multiple languages, you can provide translations of these options. Simply select the target Language, then the Interest field and click Translate.

When you have done this, these translations will appear when you change the language of the form.

For a list of all the available values for the single-choice system fields, click here.