Emarsys accounts come with around 50 standard fields for storing contact data. These are known as System fields. In addition to there, you can create your own Custom fields.

System fields

System fields were predefined by Emarsys; typical system fields are Salutation, Title, First name, Last name, email address, etc.

System fields can neither be edited nor deleted. If you need a system field to be defined differently, for example, because you want to include more or other options in the Title field, you must create a copy of the system field and rename it; the new field will then behave like a custom field.


Custom fields

Custom fields are created by you or another administrator. They can be edited, deleted or copied as required. On the Field Editor Overview page, click New or select a field and click Edit to open the Field Generator (see below), where you can create and adapt fields according to your needs.


Voucher fields

In addition to the above, emarsys also uses database fields to manage vouchers. Voucher fields are specific fields which are then assigned to individual voucher pools which enable you to send vouchers with your emails.