Since the contact data added to your Emarsys database may come from various sources, it can include similar or identical contacts. For example, if you are importing a contact into the database and the same person has already subscribed to your newsletter (through an online registration form) but has entered a different email address, you will have two profiles for one person, and the recipient would receive two copies of the same email from your next email campaign.

Emarsys automates the process of identifying duplicates in the database. The system recognizes identical duplicates and merges them into one single set of data, either through default handling (by matching first name, last name and email address) or custom handling (user specified fields).

These are displayed on the Duplication Handling page in the Admin menu.

You can specify what key variables to run the duplication check against by specifying fields in the data import, and it can be any combination including default fields and user-specified fields.

Handling duplicates

If there are any doubts that the contacts are identical (same first name, same last name but different email address) the duplicate data in question (also referred to as suspects) is listed on the Duplication Handling – Overview page. As an administrator, you can decide whether or not to merge them. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click view_details_icon to access the Confrontation field where you can compare the contacts in question.
  2. To merge two records click → ←  . To define the contacts as being different, click ←|→ .
  3. Tick Save settings to save your changes.