Contacts menu -> Data Import

The manual imports overview page contains the following information:

Current Import Status

This table shows you which imports are currently running, or scheduled to run soon.


Note: In order to ensure that duplication handling is managed consistently, only one import can run at a time. Imports are queued and processed on a first come, first served basis.

If you are not sure how the import file should look, here you can find a sample contact import file with a selection of typical fields.

The table displays the total number of contacts in the import file, as well as how many of these are new and how many already exist in your database. Depending on your duplication handling settings, it will also show you how many imported contacts have been merged with existing ones and how many have been flagged as potential duplicates, but which require further processing on the Duplication Handling page. You can also see an estimation of the remaining time, the contact list created by the import and the Emarsys administrator who made the import.

Import settings

Click the ? icon in the table to see the settings for that import.

Aborting an import

The current import status section shows all the imports that are scheduled to run soon.


To abort a running import, click the abort-import icon in the table. This will stop the import immediately, but all data imported up to that point, both new contacts and changes to existing contact data fields, will remain in the database.

Import History

This table shows you all the imports ever made for your account, along with the date and time of the import, the number of contacts imported, merged and flagged as potential duplicates, the status and the contact list, if relevant, as well as the administrator of the import. You can also:

  • Click the view details icon to open the contact list. When the list is opened, you have the option to Edit, Remove from list or Delete any contact.
  • Click the ? icon to check the settings for that import as well as its results.