Contacts menu -> Data Import

Data imports are an easy way to add contacts to your Emarsys database. You can import new contacts, as well as update the data fields of existing contacts. There are two types of import available:

The import wizard guides you through the steps of configuring your import process. If there is a configuration error in your import settings (such as no unique identifier set, mismatched field mappings, etc.), or the import file contains errors, you will be informed via a message in the Notification Center.

The format of your import file

All data is imported into Emarsys in *.csv format. In order to avoid errors, we recommend that you follow our guidelines for .csv files. However, contact data files can contain the following exceptions to our standards:

  • Field separator – semi-colon and TAB are also supported, but we strongly advise against using TAB as usually not a visible character and can easily break the import process if there are invisible TABs before line breaks, for example.

The most important thing is to ensure that your import/export settings in the Emarsys application match those of the external database, in particular:

  • the field separator
  • the date format
  • whether or not the field names are in the first row

If you are not sure how an import file should look, a sample file with a selection of typical fields can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Single- and multiple-choice fields

If you are importing single- or multi-choice fields, make sure that both the field and all the available values exist in Emarsys. If the values are identical, Emarsys will match them automatically, otherwise you will have to do that manually in the Match Values step.

How to avoid overwriting crucial data upon import

If you want to regularly import lists with new and edited contact data, please consider that by doing so, all changes done by the contacts themselves via a change profile form (such as new phone number, email address) are overwritten. To avoid this, first export any changes of contact data saved in the Emarsys application, update your own contact data and then import new and updated data records.

Note: The opt-in field cannot be overwritten from FALSE to TRUE in an import.

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