There are a number of ways you can add new contacts to Emarsys.


Registration forms

Emarsys has a simple, intuitive Forms Editor where you can create registration forms; no specialized technical or HTML knowledge is required. Then you can either:

  • link to them directly from your website.
  • export the HTML code and embed them directly in your website.

If you have a corporate Facebook account, you can also embed Emarsys forms directly in one of your pages.

Manual and automated imports

You can also import entire contact lists into your Emarsys database, either manually or automatically via the auto-import feature.

Using the Emarsys API to integrate with existing forms

If you have development resources available, the Emarsys API is the fastest and most efficient way to use your existing registration forms to import contacts directly into the Emarsys database. Please direct your technical support staff to the Emarsys API Documentation and the use case on Updating Contacts.

Using HTTP feeds

If you are not using the Emarsys API, but do have some technical understanding, you can use the Emarsys Forms Editor to set up HTTP feeds to collect registrations and pass them to Emarsys. This document will explain how this works: – Using HTTPS Feeds in Emarsys.