To add a single contact manually to your Emarsys account, go to Contacts > Add Contact.


Adding contacts manually

If you go to the Contacts tab and select Add Contact, you are moved to the Contact Properties page. For each new contact, five tabs are available:

  • General
  • Personal
  • Company
  • Other
  • Communications

Enter the contact information as required.

Viewing field history

Via the History link you can view the changes made to a field. Originally, this was developed to track changes in the opt-in and multi opt-in fields. If a field has been changed, either manually or by an administrator, duplication handling or online via a registration form, the History link is displayed next to it.

Click the link to see what has changed.

  • Date/time shows when changes were made.
  • Value shows which entry has replaced the original one. If the box is empty, the previous value was replaced by a zero-entry field.
  • Source/Admin shows you how/by whom the change was made:
    • Admin –  changes were made manually by the Administrator.
    • Import –  changes are due to an import.
    • Duplication Handling – changes result from a manual merge via duplication handling.
    • Form – changes are due to a registered contact who subscribed again via one of your registration forms. The source "form" is only displayed if the contact re-registered with the same key data (first, last name and email address) and has thereby changed one field value.

In the IP column you can see the IP address of the PC on which the changes via registration form were made. Emarsys is bound by legal requirements to record and display this address.

Viewing communications

The Communications tab lists all incoming and outgoing messages (e.g. newsletters, promotion emails) between you and a contact. To filter the messages by outgoing or incoming date, activate the corresponding option. You can also view the name of the Email campaign, the Email type (promotion, newsletter or on-event), the Recipient (for incoming contact requests) and the email Subject line; all these columns can be sorted alphabetically.

Viewing and add remarks

You can enter individual notes on a contact. This way, all communication information (e.g. phone calls, meetings) can be tracked. All existing notes are displayed with their creation date, subject line, author and change date. You can rearrange the notes by clicking the corresponding column header.

Click Show all to see an overview of all notes. Remarks can be viewed, edited or deleted. Click Preview to display a window with the selected remark; click Edit to change the subject line and/or the text of the remark. To undo your changes, click Reset. To finish your editing, click Save.

Searching for existing contacts

On the Properties page, go to the Search section at the bottom. Select a suitable search option from the drop-down menu. Enter the contact information and click view_details_icon. You are moved to the Search Results page.