Automation menu -> External Events

On the Overview page, you can see all the external events which are available for use as entry points in the Automation Center. Each external event can be linked to an API call to add contacts to programs.

Creating external events

You can either create the external event here or using the Creating an external event API endpoint.

You create the external event by simply giving it a name. Emarsys then assigns it an ID which you can retrieve using the Querying Available External Events endpoint

Using external events in programs

To add contacts to a program via the Emarsys API, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a program with the entry point External Event and select the appropriate event from the list.
  2. Set up the desired API call and, using the appropriate interface, retrieve the external event ID from the list.

Once the API call has been set up, and the program launched, all contacts returned by the API call will automatically be added to the program. You cannot edit an external event name, but you can delete it using the X at the end of the row and then create a new one with the correct name.

Opt-in considerations for transactional programs

Please see our Tips & Hints page for guidelines on managing opt-ins for transactional programs.