The Automation Center is an intuitive user interface that makes it possible to design, validate and automate engagement programs ranging from simple transactional mailings (e.g. purchase confirmation) to sophisticated, multi-step, multi-channel programs such as event countdowns or winning back defecting customers.

In the Automation Center you can enhance the impact of your marketing messagesby creating programs based on blueprints which contain entry points, actions and responses, allowing you to combine and daisy-chain filters to perform complex functions.

On these pages you will find:

About the Automation Center

Everything you need to know about this feature, including:

Workspace nodes

A list of all the available entry points and action nodes.

Working with the Automation Center

A step-by-step guide to using this feature, including:

Some detailed guides to the more advanced features:

Additional reading

And finally some extra information to help you make the most out of this feature: