What are vouchers?

Vouchers are nothing more than unique alphanumeric codes specified by you that can be sent to your recipients, who can then redeem them for discounts or special offers. Each voucher code can only ever be sent once, and to one contact.

Vouchers are uploaded to Emarsys in a voucher pool, which is simply a single column of codes saved in .txt or .csv format, such as:


The Voucher Management page is located in the Admin menu. Please note that Emarsys takles care of sending unique codes to your contacts, but you have to manage the mechanism for redeeming them on your end.

Creating a voucher pool

To create a voucher pool, proceed as follows:

1. Upload the voucher file

  • Open the Admim menu and click Voucher Management.
  • Click Add New Pool and enter a name for the pool.


Important: The name of the pool must not contain the following character: &.

  • In the Voucher Pool dialog, click Choose file and browse for the file containing the voucher codes.
  • Click Upload.


2. Reminder settings

  • You can configure an email notification which will be triggered when your voucher pool is running low.
    • Set the number of codes to trigger the reminder. When the pool falls to this level, a notification email will be sent.
    • Enter the email address(es) to which this email will be sent.

3. Empty pool settings

  • Choose whether you want to continue to send emails once the codes run out.
    • If you want to stop sending emails, activate the Do not send emails if the voucher pool is empty checkbox.
    • If you want to continue sending emails, leave this checkbox empty and define the default text to display in place of the voucher when the pool is empty.


  • Click Save; the new pool is added to the list on the Overview page.


Adding vouchers to an email campaign

To include vouchers in an email, proceed as follows:

  • Open the email in the Content Editor where you want to display the voucher code and click the Personalize icon.
  • In the Personalize pop-up, scroll down to (or search for) the voucher pool name.


  • Click Add to this insert the field (i.e. the voucher pool name). This will appear in the editor as a personalization variable.


  • When you launch the campaign, for every email sent this variable is replaced with a unique voucher code taken from the code pool, and the number of codes remaining in the pool is reduced accordingly.


Important note: Although the voucher are added using the Personalization feature, these codes will not show up when you Check Personalization before you launch the email campaign.

Editing voucher pools

To change a pool’s settings, click edit-icon. This opens the Voucher Pool dialog, where you can make your changes. When a voucher pool is empty, you can also upload a new pool of codes here.

Uploading more voucher codes

If you receive a notification that the codes are about to run out in a voucher pool, you can open the pool for editing and upload a new file with more codes, as described above. When uploading new codes, please bear in mind the following:

  • The file name does not have to be the same as the previous file, or the same as the voucher pool name.
  • The codes themselves must be unique and different to those codes already used in that campaign.
  • Codes only have to be unique within each campaign, but to avoid errors we recommend to use unique codes for all campaings.

When a voucher pools runs out of codes

If you have not activated the option Do not send emails if the voucher pool is empty, the campaign will continue to send emails but the voucher code will be replaced with the default text you have defined (see above).

If you have activated the option Do not send emails if the voucher pool is empty, the behavior differs slightly according to the campaign type.

For batch campaigns

  • The campaign will send emails to as many contacts are there are voucher codes left in the pool. After that, the campaign finishes and no more emails are sent.
  • The contacts who did not receive an email are listed in the Results Summary under No content. (You can then save them as a contact list and send a follow-up copy of the campaign with a new set of codes if you wish.)

For recurring campaigns

  • Each launch is treated as a batch campaign. As soon as the pool is smaller than the launch list, the next campaign will send to as many contacts are there are codes left. The remaining contacts will be listed in the Results Summary under No content.
  • As long as you upload a new set of codes immediately, the following launch will continue as normal. If you do not, the next campaign will not be launched, and you will not be notified. The contacts on the launch lists of these campaigns (who received no emails) will continue to be added to the Results Summary under No content.

For on-event and transactional/API campaigns

  • When the pool runs out of codes, no more emails will be sent.
  • As soon as the pool has more codes, the next emails that are triggered will be sent.
  • The contacts who missed out on the email in between are listed in the Results Summary under No content.

For Automation Center programs

  • When the pool runs out of codes, the affected email node will cease to function as a node and contacts will simply pass through it.
  • As soon as the pool has more codes, the email node will start working again.
  • The contacts who missed out on the email in between are listed in the Results Summary under No content.

Deleting voucher pools

It is currently not possible to delete a pool when you stop using it, but this has been added to the development backlog and will be addressed in a future release.


  • Why can I not see vouchers when I Check Personalization before launch?
    The Check Personalization feature references the contact database, but the voucher codes are stored in a different database. It is planned to include vouchers in this check in a future release.