The User Management page of the Admin menu is available to Account Owners only.

As well as listing all your account’s users, it also provides the following functionality for user management:

The user list

This lists all the users in your account along with their name, email address, user name, access level, status and the time and date of their last login.

This list is ordered by default according to the Status field.



  • Pending – This user has been sent an email asking them to activate or verify their user profile, but has not yet clicked the activation link. They cannot log in until they do so.
  • Active – This user is active and can log in and work as normal.
  • Inactive – This user has been deactivated by the Account Owner, or has been automatically deactivated by Emarsys after 180 days of inactivity. They cannot log in until the Account Owner triggers an activation email to them and they click the link in it.

Creating new users

User creation requires two steps.

Step 1 – Creating the user profile

The Account Owner clicks Create New User to open the creation wizard.


  • You must enter the First and Last name and Email address, as well as select the Access role and Interface language.
  • The Access roles are defined when you create your Emarsys account are typically divided between Administrators, who have full access to the B2C Cloud functionality, and Operators who have access to a restricted set of functionality suited to their role. For more details on what these roles actually entail in your account please speak to the Account Owner or contact Emarsys Support.
  • The email address must belong to one of the domains permitted in the Security Settings.
  • The mobile phone number is not mandatory, but highly recommended since this is used for login authentication if IP restrictions have been enabled in the Security Settings.

After confirming the user details, Emarsys sends an activation email to that user.

Step 2 – Activating the user profile

The user must click the link in the email and the complete their user profile.

  • They must define a login user name and a password.
  • They should also verify their mobile phone number (recommended but not mandatory).
  • They can configure a two-step login authentication app on their smartphone if this feature is enabled.
  • Users cannot change their email address or access level. Only the Account Owner can do that (see below).

Once they have saved their profile, the user can log in to Emarsys and start to work.

Editing user profiles

The Account Owner can edit some, but not all, user properties.

  • User name, Interface and default form languages, timezone, first and last names and access role can all be edited by the Account Owner.
  • Mobile phone number can be edited, but has to be verified by the user before it can be used for login authentication.
  • Email address cannot be edited. The email address can only be changed by verifying the user profile again (see below).

All other user properties must be changed by the user themselves in their profile page.

Activating and deactivating users

  • deactivate-user-icon If you want to stop users from being able to log in to your account for a period, for example if you believe their login credentials have been compromised, click this icon to deactivate their profile.
    Their user will now be shown in the list with the status Inactive.
    Being deactivated will not affect any of their Emarsys assets, for example live or scheduled campaigns, forms, filters, and so on.
  • activate-user-icon To reactivate a user again, click this icon.
    This will trigger an activation email. The user must click the activation link in the email and enter a new password. Then they will be able to log in again as before.

Verifying users

  • verify-user-icon If you want to disable a user profile until the user has confirmed their email address, click this icon.
    This will trigger a verification email. The user must click the activation link in the email and enter a new password. Then they will be able to log in again as before.

Verification is the only way to change a user’s email address.

Additionally, if a user has not logged in for 180 days, their account will automatically be deactivated and they will need to verify their profile before they can log in again.

You can trigger verification emails to all active and pending users, and as many times as you like (for example if you make a mistake in the email address).

Deleting users

  • delete-icon If you want to delete a user profile permanently, click this icon. You will be prompted to select an existing user who will inherit their assets.

If no such icon appears next to a user, that is because their profile has been protected and cannot be deleted. To protect users in this way, or to remove their protection, please contact Emarsys Support.