Admin menu -> Media Database

With the Emarsys Media Database, you manage content files (image files, MS Word and PDF documents, HTML files, etc.). You can create and name folders for these files, thus having your own free online document archive hosted on Emarsys servers. Executable files (.exe) cannot be uploaded to the Media Database.

When the Media Database window opens, you have five options:


Search for files

To search for a specific file, click the search-icon icon and start typing the name of the file. You also have the option to sort the columns of files by Name, Created, Size and User.

Change view

Click thumbnails-view or list-view to change between Thumbnails or List view, respectively.

Click the preview-icon icon to show a preview of the file in a pop-up.

Create folders

Click the new-folder icon to create a new folder for organizing your files. You can create as many folders and sub-folders as you like.

Please note that folder names can contain only standard English alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) and the underscore and dash (_, -). Blank spaces are not allowed.

Upload files

Click file-upload to upload your content to the Media Database. Different file formats have different maximum sizes, which are shown in a tooltip:


Note: The actual permitted size of the files may vary based on your account settings. In case of Retina images, for example, the image file size is 4 MB.

Note: Images should only be uploaded in the following formats, as they are supported by all standard email clients: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff.

If you would like to modify your uploaded file, click the edit-file icon to be able to Rename, Resize, Delete or Preview the file, as well as for the Copy url option.


Upload settings

The following upload settings are available:


  • Do not extract zip file – This keeps your zip file compressed.
  • Keep original file name – If ticked, the Copy url option copies the original file name, instead of using an internal code, so the original name is visible in links, etc.
  • Always show upload settings – This displays these settings above the list of uploaded files.

Note: not all options are available for everyone; the number of displayed options depends on your account settings.

Add images

The add to page option is indicated by the add-to-page icon if you enter the Media Database from an area where you can insert documents (e.g. the Forms page or the Section Editor of the CMS) and if you have a document selected.

Once you have selected an image and clicked Add To Page, you can resize the image to fit your email/form. Emarsys keeps image proportions automatically.

The image inserted is a copy of the original one. This way, the accidental deletion of the original image from the Media Database will not affect the display in an email or form. This also means that if the image is updated or overwritten in the Media Database, this will also not affect the email or form.