Each Emarsys user can edit their own profile on their Profile page. This is accessible via the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.


Here you can edit your:

Login details

Here you can change your login user name, change your password, and enable two-step login authentication via smartphone app.


Configuring an Authenticator App

Two-step authentication is enabled by the Account Owner and is automatically active for all users who have a verified mobile phone number (see below). However, most smartphones also have authenticator apps which will provide time-based authentication codes.

Click Configure Authenticator App to open a wizard which will lead you through the instructions for all major operating systems.

Once installed on your phone, just scan the QR code and enter the code it generates.


Once enabled, Emarsys will accept the codes generated by your authenticator app when you log in. Please be aware that codes are highly time-sensitive (valid for ~1 minute). If you enter a code but submit it late, it may be rejected. In this case, enter a fresh code and submit again.

This authentication method also gives you the chance ask Emarsys to Remember your device. This will allow you to log in for 14 days from that device using only your user name and password, regardless of the IP address.

See User Security at Emarsys for more details on two-step authentication.

Regional details

Here you can change your interface language, the default language of the fields used in forms and emails, and your timezone.


Personal details

Here you can change your first name and last name (if your Account Owner did not enter them for you).

For security reasons, your access role and email address can only be changed by your Account Owner.

You should also verify your mobile phone number. This requires nothing more than entering the number and clicking Verify mobile number. You will then be asked to enter the code that Emarsys sends you via SMS.

Your mobile phone number will only be used for two-step authentication, if this is enabled by your Account Owner.