There are two types of Emarsys users:

  • Account Owners
    This is a special user role which is responsible for user management and account security.
  • Regular users
    These are the users who log in to the B2C Marketing Cloud and work with the functionality in it.
    Account Owners also have a regular user profile.

Access levels

All regular users have an assigned access level, which defines which parts of the application are available to them. These fall into two broad categories:

  • Administrators
    Typically, administrators have full access to all of the Emarsys features.

  • Operators
    Operators work with a much more restricted set of features.

Within these two categories, you can define the activities of each user however you like. For example, you may want some users to be allowed to create and edit email campaigns, but not launch them; or others may need to import contacts and perform duplication handling, but do not need access to the Emarsys CMS. For a list of the available access packages, please contact Emarsys Support.

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