What is AIM Reactivation?

AIM Reactivation is a one-click AI solution that automatically and selectively targets customers who are unengaged or at high-risk of becoming so, simultaneously answering:

  • Who to target?
  • When to send?
  • How long should the campaign run?
  • At what frequency to send?

AIM Reactivation makes these decisions for you, for every contact, and executes scalable and scientific evergreen reactivation advertising campaigns, thereby maximizing the efficiency and ROAS of your media budgets.

The only prerequisites are a working, connected Facebook Ads account or Google Ads account, or both.

Creating your AIM Reactivation program

The AIM Reactivation program is created in a similar way to creating new audiences. Before you start, please make sure that you have followed all the instructions in our Connecting to Facebook guide, or Connecting to Google guide. Then proceed as follows:

  • On the AIM programs tab, click Create New AIM Reactivation Program.


  • Select a Facebook Ads account or Google Ads account (or both). An audience will be created on the network(s) selected.
  • The Contacts removal toggle switches determine whether to stop targeting visitors when they purchase or visit your website.

Note: Currently both toggle switches are disabled and cannot be changed (this feature will be available in a future release).


  • Click Activate program. Your AIM Reactivation program is now displayed in the AIM programs list.

AIM Reactivation List

The program that you have created is listed with its properties.


As well as the program Name and Created date, the following properties are listed:

  • Status Facebook and Status Google – There are three possible values for these two columns:

    • Too few contacts – The network audience has been created but there are not enough contacts for you to be able to start an ads campaign
    • Ready – The network audience has been created and it is ready for you to target with your ads campaign.
    • Live – The network audience has been created and you have launched an ads campaign to it.
  • Size Facebook and Size Google – The size of the network audience.
  • Match rate Facebook and Match rate Google – How many contacts were matched by the network for ad targeting.

AIM Reactivation Reporting

Click the reporting-icon icon to open the reports for the program.


Here you can see the summary report of using this program. Per-network audience reporting is available for both Facebook and Google on the vertical tabs. For more information on audiences reporting, please see: Audience Reporting.

Timeframe selector

Use the standard calendar function to select predefined or custom timeframes.


Results summary

In the Results Summary section you can see the overall results for the selected timeframe.


The metrics shown in the summary and graph are as follows:

  • Program participants – The total number of contacts participating in the program.
  • Impressions – How many times the ads were seen (including multiple views by the same contact).
  • Website visits – The total number of website visits that followed a click on an ad.
  • Purchases – The total number of purchases that followed a click on an ad.
  • Revenue – The total revenue coming from purchases that followed a click on an ad.

Results graph

On the graph below you can select from a number of different metrics and project each one on the graph, for easy comparison. Hover your mouse over a particular day to see the exact figures for that day: